With the initiation of the new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus along with also the premium iPhone X, Apple on its 10 Anniversary also declared the Apple Watch Series 3. The third-gen Apple Watch offers the largest highlight — Constructed mobile support. So now you do not to have to take your iPhone along. Perform, run, go for a walk, visit the gym or some other shop wearing the Apple Smart Watch and you will not skip a Phone or Notification ever, u just must get an iPhone for your Smart-Watch to do the job.

As per Tim Cook that the Apple Watch Series 3 is designed to help people remain healthy, lively and inspired to live a better life and also help them perform day to day activities without difficulty. So this is what we know up to now about the Apple Watch Series 3.

Layout :

Speaking about the plan of this Apple Watch Series 3, there’s not much of a difference and shares much in common with its pre-generation wearable, it shares the same weight and measurements (with the exclusion of a crystal in the bottom that is 0.25mm larger) along with the same curved corner rectangular layout. However, the design also includes the improved battery and display along with many colors.

The Series 3 can be water- and – dust-resistant. Such as the Series two, the Apple Watch Series 3 is hermetically sealed and waterproof in up to 50 meters of water, and it is a blessing for swim monitoring.

Screen :

The Apple Smart Watch accommodates exactly the same screen 1.65-inch OLED screen that’s still among the better ones presently available on the industry. The display is currently just a little more affordable and more durable, as a result of micro-LED and glass-film signature engineering. It’s still got the increase to wake up feature to really understand the time instead of having it on always, the response if you are increasing your wrist remains the best.

Connectivity :

Apple finally supplies the most awaited feature to remotely link your Smart Watch without having your iPhone with the assistance of LTE connectivity given through an electronic SIM card indoors for connectivity.

The combined program is neatly integrated, it is possible to disable the information in the controller panel, so in-built GPS will allow to browse anywhere instantly and also the signal strength could be understood on the watch face. Yet, some countries are still getting to grips with offering multiple links to the same contract, it is likely to come at a price.

The watch isn’t likely to be a drifting device — therefore the LTE connectivity may only be utilized in home countries and therefore you’ll have to take your iPhone if u aim for overseas trip. Additionally the connectivity close to the shore side area ought to be put to test.

Apple also designed a brand new custom wireless chip known as W2, making Wi-Fi 85 percent quicker and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 50 percent more power efficient.


Hardware and Operating System :

The Apple watch is clocked with fresh quad-core chip that’s said to be 70% quicker compared to pre-generation watches, the chip now lets siri speak, the chip also shares the wireless technology that has been enriched with a brand new W2 chip, the same may be understood at Apple AirPods.

The Apple watch will operate together with the newly declared watch OS 4. The brand new OS features an upgraded Heart Rate program, providing detailed insight into heart rate, supplying measurement through resting, exercise, recovery, walking and walking sessions, focusing largely upon the fitness. Another feature of this OS is currently that the consumer’s will be supplied on the screen, the directions they want most during the day. The newest music program now automatically syncs playlists such as New Music Mix and Favourites Mix, along with the consumer’s most listened to audio.

Battery :

Apple asserts that now the brand new dual core chip you’re going to receive about 18 hours following one fee (that will require 90 minutes to reach 80 percent, then another 30 minutes to reach 100 percent) and out of that it is possible to expect a 10 hour exercise, five hours on GPS or four hours on GPS and LTE.

LTE will offer just couple hours of talk time but it’s unlikely you are going to be frequently using it, since the majority of the time it’ll be achieved by means of your mobile phone.

Storage :

• The Apple Watch Series 3 GPS+ Mobile will find the storage capacity of 16GB.

• The Apple Watch Series 3 GPS variant will find the storage capacity of 8GB.

Pricing :


• The Series 3 price with no LTE mobile connectivity starts at $329/#329/AU$459/Rs. 29,900 — for individuals who wishes to possess GPS connectivity and water resistance.

• If you would like to ramp this up to include the headline new feature, that soars right around $399/#399/AU$559 — the very expensive starting price for an Apple Watch yet

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